Black Cat Alley (Milwaukee, WI)

Public art. Be still my heart.


For those of you who don’t know, Robbie and I recently (as in, last Saturday) moved to Wisconsin! We came here so that I could start my PhD program in a few weeks. Until then we are enjoying getting to explore our new city! (The cheese is for real out of this world and Lake Michigan is surprising gorgeous.) One of our first stops was Black Cat Alley, which is a collection of street art on Milwaukee’s East Side. This colorful private alley is so cool! Definitely a must-see if you’re in town. I’ll be sharing more pictures of our new city and cross-country move in the weeks ahead, but I wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone know that we’re here and that we are loving it (minus our neighbors’ drunken karaoke party last night until 1AM). Enjoy the pictures!  Continue reading “Black Cat Alley (Milwaukee, WI)”

Folklore by Taylor Swift (thoughts!)

They called off the circus. Burned the disco down.

This year has been a whole lot of awful. 2020 was long overdue for some good news. And boy oh boy did Taylor Swift show up and deliver in a big way. Her surprise album, folklore, dropped last week and it’s everything you’ve felt in the last few, dark months put to music in the most beautiful way possible. … Continue reading “Folklore by Taylor Swift (thoughts!)”

100 Years Ago Today

The historian is going to ramble for a bit.


On July 21, 1920 sectarian violence erupted at a shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As a result thousands of Catholic workers lost their jobs. Three people (including a woman by the name of Maggie Noade) were killed that day due to the ensuing riots. The incident, emblematic of may such skirmishes that ravaged the island in the revolutionary years and beyond, became the primary catalyst for a nationalist resistance campaign called the Belfast Boycott. Continue reading “100 Years Ago Today”

On Rejection in Academia

(you will cry a lot but it will also be okay)


I will never forget the email. From my dream school:

I am sorry to say that you were not among the very small group of students whom we were able to admit this year. I know that this must come as a disappointment. 

Disappointment. What a cruel, chilling understatement. I called my mom in hysterics, barely able to speak through gasps and sobs. Continue reading “On Rejection in Academia”

Grad Student Style

Five of My Favorite Outfits


Knowing what to wear as a grad student is tricky — you’re not an undergrad anymore but you are still a student. However, I always find that what they say is true: dressing professionally really does make you feel more confident (I wore a blazer to take the GRE and I swear it helped). My personal style is classic. I also love bright colors and comfortable flats. Here are five of my favorite work/school outfits… Continue reading “Grad Student Style”

Life in quarantine

katie stays home

How are you all holding up, my dears? It’s been a hot minute since I’ve orbited the blogosphere. What are you all doing to keep yourselves entertained these days? Have you seen how museums have been asking people to recreate famous paintings at home? They are pretty cool! I decided to do the same thing, but with movie posters! Enjoy viewing my (not so) slow slide into insanity…

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Mission Impossible 6

(warning: you’ll probably end up drunk-purchasing a life-sized poster of Tom Cruise by the end of this chat)

tom cruise.jpg

This isn’t a film review, it’s more of a chat about the best movie I’ve seen in months. Do grab a cup of tea (or glass of wine if you are a real grown up who unlike me actually likes the taste of alcohol) and let’s talk about the fact that TOM CRUISE NEVER AGES and how we all not-so-secretly wish we had the White Widow’s hair. Spoilers, obviously…

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